Let’s Paradise to Lombok Island!

Are you a beach lover? Are you seeking a paradise heaven in this world? You can’t go aboard if you are Indonesian, why? It is because there are thousands of hidden paradise heavens that you can meet in many islands in this country with various its own style in every island, such as Lombok Island. Lombok offers you many isolated and empty beaches which can make it nature come beautiful.


If you are seeking the paradise heaven, let’s go paradise to Lombok Island that will help you a lot in relaxing your holiday in this island. You need to notice that many of beaches in this island still get their natural scenery without having person’s touching. Thus, you can imagine how beautiful the beaches are. There are some beaches that you can visit:

  1. Gili Island. In Gili Island, you will get 3 paradise heavens in once like Gilir Air, GiliMeno, and GiliTawangan. You can reach this island for about 20 minutes away from Lombok by using boat. It’s known as the perfect place for relaxing partying, swimming, snorkeling, and also scuba diving.
  2. Senggigi beach. This beach is one the most popular of destination places in Lombok that provides you perfect place for surfing. If you want to try surfing, you can go to this destination.
  3. One of the other destination places you must visit is in Pemenang district. You will find setangi beach with the perfect view points on it.
  4. The second tourist destination place is this Kuta beach. It offers you perfect gorgeous beaches and has a lot of restaurants and accommodations here.
  5. Mawun beach. If you have visited Kuta beach, you can go to this Mawun beach because this beach is near Kuta. You will get beautiful scenery with perfect turquoise water and soft white sand, but you also should note that sometimes in this beach the waves are heavier. Thus, be careful if you want to swim here. Make sure first the waves are light.
  6. If you look for other surf or swimming spots in Lombok, you can cgo to this SelongBelanak beach. It will be your perfect choices. You can surf in this beach with the marvelous scenery around.
  7. Tanjung Aan. If you are looking for the beach which you can climb a rock for breathtaking and enjoying the scenery of turquoise water and white sand, this Tanjung Aan beach is perfect choices for you.
  8. Pink beach. If you want to visit the beach with no noisy sounds and crowd, this pink beach will be your best option. Why? It is because you will get hard to reach this beach and only some tourists come here. You will get the pink sands as it’s called as Pink beach that will make you can get different scenery compare with usual white sands.

Those are destination beaches in Lombok Island that you can visit them all if you have much holiday time to explore around Lombok and feel as you are in heaven.

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