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Understanding Performance Dashboard Design

It is right to state that developing a working performance dashboard is a challenging process. Make sure that you have taken into accounts some of the essential aspects of designing a performance dashboard. Some of the elements that you need to stress on include the metrics, visualization controls, and design as well as layout. When you are on the initial stage in designing a performance dashboard, it is right to state your objectives. It is essential to know that the best performance dashboard shows the right information and main performance indicators in a logical and concise manner. It serves as aid when analyzing the data for your firm. It facilitates intelligent choices depending on the visualized information.

It is imperative to understand that determining what metrics the dashboard will display is one of the most vital consideration. Make sure that you have consulted enough and involve all the parties such as the company executives, designers, and project managers as this will help you to come up with a reliable dashboard. The end user can experience challenges when trying to access the data which is a result of including extra metrics on a single dashboard as it clutters the visualization of data. Ensure that you have displayed the metrics which are related to each other and must have an analytical use. It is imperative to take into account the data visualization controls as it will help you in your designing process.

Note that charts are essential when you are displaying trends in your data. Ensure that you have employed gauges and dials in your design as they are useful when viewing particular subset data. Indicators are effective in showing if a metric is within the accepted levels or conditions. Heat maps are vital in that they aid in showing trends. When you want to know the regional performance a geographical map is necessary when you are designing.

Make sure that you have applied a while space when you are creating a performance dashboard as it helps to give the end user the right details. A performance dashboard with multiple visualization components takes away the main purpose by confusing the end user with many visual cues. It is right to state that the performance dashboard is meant to assist users to point out trends in data quickly thus contributing to an intelligent decision making. It is advisable to look for the right colors which you want to apply and begin by choosing a color palette. It is prudent to include structures that have proper titles when you are grouping the commands. Be attentive when you are aligning the visualization controls.
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