Auto Glass Repair By Novus in South Auckland

Windscreen damage happens in an instant and is sometimes caused by something as small as a pebble. Regardless of how tiny the debris may have been the problem can quickly become serious. Cracks or chips must be repaired before they expand and require a full glass replacement. Large areas of damage are a safety issue because they increase the risk of the windscreen shattering and driving the vehicle may be illegal if the problem is too large. Luckily, repairs and replacement are fast any easy. The work is almost always possible through the help of a mobile service.

Replacing the Windscreen

Removal and replacement of the entire windscreen is a big project but replacement companies have the skills and tools to complete the entire process in about an hour. Most experts recommend waiting an additional hour before driving to ensure the sealants are dry and the glass is firmly in place. The replaced windscreen will come with a guarantee against leaks and faults in the glass.

Repairing any Chips

A chip 15mm or smaller within the direct view of the driver and cracks 25 mm in length and shorter in this same area are typically legal to repair. Outside of the direct view of the driver, the sizes are allowed to be slightly larger before replacement is required. A repair will take around 30 minutes and the vehicle is safe to use immediately. Measure the break and contact the company to determine whether repair or replacement is needed.

Restoring Scratched Materials

Glass services also have the ability to remove scratches or other surface damage in glass, mirrors and headlight lenses. Their work will improve the overall appearance of the vehicle as well as make the damaged surface easier to use. They also replace side mirrors and any other auto glass as well.

By contacting Novus South Auckland drivers can easily schedule any repair or replacement as well as receive a free quote for the work they need to have performed. Insurance will often cover the full cost of many of their services but cash customers are also welcome. Contact them for more information about their services or pricing.

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