How to Drive a Car During a Storm

With the onset of autumn, the period of unstable weather begins, when during the day, the temperature may change drastically. In addition, most often in the autumn period there are strong winds, as well as storms and hurricanes. We decided to give our readers some tips that will help make their car trips in a strong wind much safer. Our readers are also encouraged to find here more information about used car ford or some other vehicle that may be of interest to them.

Here is what you should do to minimize the risk of encountering problems when driving in windy weather:

– In the case of the strong gusty wind, be sure to lower the speed of the car: Remember that the lower the speed of your car is, the more difficult it is for the wind to affect your car.

– Be extremely careful: Even some insignificant gusts of wind can lift the body of your car reducing the weight on each wheel, which is fraught with deterioration of traction with the road surface.

If in the news, they announced a storm warning in your area of residence, you should take it seriously but not as just another untrue forecast. In this case, during the specified period of time, you must try not to use your car or if you absolutely have to use it, you should try avoid driving for a long time and choose some relatively safe routes.

– In the case of the strong wind that has set in your area, you should avoid driving near trees or some other objects that might damage your car. In addition, it is undesirable to park your car next to road signs and ad banners.

– Be extremely careful when driving next to trucks and buses. Keep in mind that large vehicles can create strong side winds especially when you overtake them. You should understand that with strong gusts of wind, the side wind coming off trucks or buses can literally push aside your Hyundai used and you might end up in a ditch.

– In the windy weather, try not to use the roof rack for cargo transportation. Also, you should avoid transporting bicycles on the roof or trunk of the car.

– If you are driving a truck, a bus or any other big vehicle, remember that the side wind also poses a great danger to you too. The fact is that even in spite of the large weight of the vehicle, the side wind can easily throw the car off the road.

– Avoid driving in large open spaces. As a rule, in the open area, the wind speed can be much higher than in the city, where the buildings protect the roads from the strength of the wind.

We hope you find this article helpful and your trips in the wind will be safer now.